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Platinum Investment Offices

The offices of Platinum Investments embody the company's commitment to excellence and success, featuring impressive glass walls and luxury accents.

The Platinum Investments Offices project was an endeavor that aimed to create a modern, sophisticated, and functional workspace for the esteemed company. We successfully provided a range of products and services, including the design, supply, and installation of glass office walls, plumbing fixtures, and office furniture.

Project Scope

Glass Office Walls: The design team worked closely with Platinum Investments designers to create a contemporary and open office layout. Glass office walls were meticulously selected and installed throughout the workspace, offering transparency and a sense of spaciousness. These sleek and modern glass partitions allowed natural light to permeate the interior, fostering a bright and collaborative atmosphere. The glass walls also provided privacy for individual workspaces while maintaining a sense of connection among employees.

Supply and Installation of Plumbing Fixtures: The construction project included the supply and installation of premium plumbing fixtures for the office's kitchenettes, break areas, and restrooms. High-quality faucets, sinks, and water-saving features were chosen to align with Platinum Investments' commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The plumbing fixtures were seamlessly integrated into the office design, adding both functionality and aesthetics to the workspace.

Office Furniture Selection and Installation: To ensure optimal comfort and functionality, we collaborated with a team of interior designers to select the ideal office furniture. Ergonomic desks, chairs, and storage units were carefully chosen to enhance employee productivity and well-being. The office furniture showcased a blend of modern and elegant designs, reflecting the company's commitment to a professional and stylish work environment.

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