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La Vie Luxury Living

Welcome to La Vie Luxury Apartments, an epitome of luxury and sophistication in the world of apartment living.

La Vie Luxury Living was a construction project aimed at providing premium living spaces for residents seeking sophisticated and luxurious living environments. The primary focus of this project is to deliver top-notch millwork, interior doors, flooring, glazing, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, LED mirrors, shower doors, bathroom accessories, and custom window blinds.

The project offered bespoke design services to ensure each unit meets the unique preferences of its future occupants.

The Project Scope:

1. Millwork:
Custom millwork was incorporated throughout the residences, including exquisite cabinetry, elegant molding, and ornate wall panels. Skilled craftsmen created designs, offering functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions to elevate each room's appeal.

2. Interior Doors:
The interior doors were crafted using premium materials with solid wood, and their design complemented the overall interior aesthetics. The doors varied in style, with choices ranging from classic to contemporary.

3. Flooring:
The flooring features high-quality materials such as marble, hardwood, and porcelain tiles. Each unit allowed a choice of finishes and patterns to create a luxurious and personalized atmosphere.

4. Glazing:
Large windows, glass walls and balconies was provided using high-performance glazing throughout the residences to maximize natural light while maintaining energy efficiency. The glazing offers panoramic views of the surroundings, enhancing the overall living experience.

5. Lighting Fixtures:
A wide selection of designer lighting fixtures was provided for each unit. The project featured an extensive range of lighting options, from elegant chandeliers to modern LED fixtures, to suit different interior styles and preferences.

6. Plumbing Fixtures:
The bathrooms and kitchens was equipped with high-end plumbing fixtures from our line of Dilletto Designer Fixtures. These fixtures are highly functional and add an element of luxury to the overall design.

7. LED Mirrors and Shower Doors:
Innovative LED mirrors with smart features was installed in the bathrooms, offering integrated lighting and anti-fog functionalities. Shower doors were designed with premium materials, providing both style and functionality.

8. Bathroom Accessories:
Luxurious bathroom accessories, such as towel bars, towel racks, soap dispensers, were installed to add sophistication and convenience to the daily routine.

9. Window Blinds:
We provided custom-designed window blinds made from high-quality materials and natural fabrics. These blinds provided privacy and control over natural light while complementing the overall interior design.

10. Design and Installation Services:
To ensure a seamless and cohesive interior, we coordinated and delivered custom design and installation services. Experienced interior designers will work closely with builders to understand their preferences and create personalized living spaces that reflect the overall design theme.

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